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At Matrix Asset Management we take a comprehensive consultative approach designed to take full advantage of our financial planning, investment, insurance and real estate expertise. In addition, we routinely work with accountants, attorneys and our clients’ other advisers to facilitate a truly holistic approach to meeting their goals and objectives.

The following is a summary of the services our firm’s specialists provide for our individual and business clients.

Investment Management

The goal of Matrix Asset Management is to provide access to attractive investment opportunities on a global scale in high quality businesses that continue to innovate and change the way we live. We seek to purchase these businesses at attractive prices and hold them for the long term. This approach makes our portfolios an ideal foundation for an investor’s portfolio.

Hedged Global Growth - A Research Driven Process

Due diligence and risk management are at the forefront of our disciplined investment process.

Investments are selected from a base of U.S. and international investments with strong or improving fundamentals, consistency in operating results, and a demonstrated ability to earn high rates of return on capital with honest shareholder oriented management.

HGG is not perfectly correlated with any specific benchmark and seeks to generate positive absolute returns on an annual basis.

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Personal Financial Planning

Matrix Asset Management has partnered with eMoney offering collaborative cash flow planning, interactive retirement income planning, robust what-if scenario planning and comprehensive tax calculations. With our advance planning solutions you can model the future, simulate multiple scenarios, and collaborate on estate planning. Our single sign on financial dashboard allows easy access to all of your accounts regardless of location. Best of all you have access to your information 24x7.

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